Weston golf

& menu design

a Toronto hidden treasure

Since 1915, a Toronto hidden treasure has remained true to its original inspiration, and today Weston Golf and Country Club ranks among Canada's most challenging and enjoyable places to play. Those looking for a superb golf course within easy driving distance from anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area will be pleasantly surprised to find this beautiful urban oasis so accessible. Located on the banks of the Humber River, the rolling land makes it an ideal location to put eighteen of the finest golf holes to be found anywhere. With lightning fast greens and close-cropped fairways, Weston Golf and Country Club is a wonderful test of golf.


The country club had a catering menu for weddings, but it was outdated and no longer up to industry standards. The menu didn't resonate with the clientele, lacked in style, and unique presentation.

the idea

Create a menu with a design focused on elegant illustrations and ingredients. The menu must stand out, be readable, colourful, lively, and capture the feeling of a wedding celebration.


We sampled from the club's existing Damask motif and gave it new life with hand-painted illustrations of ingredients featured in the menu. The result is a bold, colourful pattern that captures the liveliness of a wedding celebration without compromising neatness and elegance. The menu interior is subdued and simple, relying on typographic variation for visual interest. A very visually appealing menu for customers.


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